Our Story

A few years ago, four colleagues met for dinner – they didn’t know each other very well; the dinner would hopefully change that. What they did know was that they all loved bubbly!

And so began the start of Bubbly Club – every 6 weeks, the four friends would meet for dinner. The challenge: to bring a bottle of ‘undiscovered’ and affordable local bubbly. 

The dinner conversations sparkled as they discovered so many delightful South African Cap Classiques – and they soon realised there were so many more to try!

As they shared the joy of these discoveries (and how affordable they were relative to international champagnes), friends and family also wanted to join Bubbly Club, and so an idea “popped”…

Bubbly Box: A curated platform to help more people discover the joy of South African Cap Classique.

Our Bubbly Box vision is to promote all things Cap Classique and bring more local sparkle to occasions and conversations. We’re starting small but watch this space. 

Bubbly Box is brought to you by Sarah-Anne Alman, Nicola Weaver, Tarryn Valle and Elli Yiannakaris – 4 dynamic, accomplished women with over 40+ years of collective experience in business, education, finance and loving bubbly.  

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